Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Friday, June 29, 2012


 Recently, we were lucky enough to be able to surprise the kids with a trip to Disneyland.  They have been asking to go for quite some time now, and we thought this would be the perfect age to take them!  Abby was just tall enough to go on almost every ride, including Mommy's favorite, Space Mountain.  She has been on roller coasters before, just on a smaller scale, and has loved them!  So we explained it to her, let her know it would be dark, and FAST!  She was excited to try it out.  BACKFIRE!  She did not like it at all.  She has stated repeatedly she will NEVER go on it again.  And for the rest of our visit, she did not want to go on anything else fast, or anything that would 'go down'.  I was pretty bummed!  But we had a great time, the kids loved it!

Aidan loved driving the car on Autopia.  I drove with Abby, who kept asking me to slow down.  If you have been on this ride, you know it doesn't go very fast!  I think we may have ruined her for life for roller coasters and such :(

This was Abby's absolute favorite ride of the entire trip.  She kept calling it 'little world' so for the rest of the trip that is what we all called 'It's A Small World' :)

Ryan was able to join us for the first day, he was a good sport and went on everything with the kids!

Our friends from the Riverside area were able to join us too - we had such a good time.

We were able to see the fireworks they do at Disney every night from the hotel pool while we were swimming, it was way cool!

Alas, Jackson was content to just chill and read....

Abby and Aidan shared a bed while there, I had to sneak in the room and snap this, it was so precious!

The next day we started out at California Adventure, they had a lot of great stuff there.  Here Jackson and Abby are waiting in line for Monsters Inc.  Aidan is missing because he wanted to go on 'Tower of Terror' with Daddy.  It is one of those rides that take you up high and drop you.  He is our daredevil, he wanted to try everything!

California Adventure

This was a really cool one, it was a ride through an arcade like area, themed after Toy Story.  You would get to stop every so often and use these 'shooters' to pop balloons etc. and rack up points.  One of Aidan's favorites!

Has anyone ever heard of this 'Duffy the Disney Bear'??  I haven't, but it was the only character without a line...so we got a photo!

On the raft, headed to Tom Sawyer Island...although I think they call it Pirate's Lair now...

Even though Aidan was a daredevil when it came to rides, he absolutely, positively did not like the dark tunnel here!  There were some teens in there making scary noises, which did not help...he was pretty upset when we finally made it through :(

The treehouse on the island...

Winnie the Pooh's pot of honey...this was a new attraction (at least to us) where the Country Bear Jamboree used to be.  I remember loving it as a kid, sad it's gone.

End of the 2nd day...tired but happy!  Looking back, we could have definitely used one more day, two was just not enough to see everything.  We were pretty lucky with lines, the longest we waited was 40 minutes, and most were 10-15.  We were able to get fast passes for the big ones which was great!  We can't wait to go again!  And Abby reminds us whenever we talk about it that she is NOT going on Space Mountain again!

After we left Disney we headed to the beach and my brother's house in L.A. - future blog post on that part of our trip!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

August Michigan trip

Surprise trip to Michigan! This was not a planned trip...I didn't think I would be able to visit so soon after moving. One day I was telling Dennis I wished I could go see Train and Maroon 5 in concert. He suggested going to Michigan to see them, and being able to visit everyone at the same time - he had a free ticket through Southwest. Originally he suggested me going by myself, and I thought that would be weird, going without the kids. The boys had just started school, so I decided to take Abby. (I couldn't go back without at least ONE of the grandkids!)
Abby waiting patiently for our flight to leave...
She did great on the plane, behaved so well. She would have done anything I asked, she was just so happy to be going to visit everyone!
At last...Grandma!
Visiting the Schriebers on our first day...
The girls had so much fun playing outside...
Our good friend Dan and his son Ben even drove in from Flint to see us at the Schriebers. Oh how I've missed our good friends!
There was a sad note to the weekend, however. Brayden was very bummed out that Jackson and Aidan couldn't come. He wasn't feeling well, and we attributed it to sadness. He ended up in the hospital the next day with extreme stomach pain. He was there for the rest of our visit, and they STILL didn't know what was wrong with him when we were leaving to come back home. It was so scary and sad...I was disappointed that I didn't get to spend much time with Amanda, but feeling guilty at the same time for even thinking that! We were all so worried about Brayden...he was a trouper though and finally got to go home a few days after we got back. I was still able to spend time with Amanda's girls while everyone was at the hospital, grateful for that and that I was able to help in some small way. That is one of the hardest things when a child is in the hospital, feeling so helpless. Amanda was amazing throughout the whole ordeal, she was so strong and positive. I admire her so much!
The next day we went to visit Teresa and Ava (Abby's best friend, born on the same day) Teresa didn't tell her we were coming, she was shocked speechless! It was very cute.
Our last day...we got to spend it with Brookie and Berlyn while everyone else was at the hospital with Brayden. We were blessed with beautiful weather, here the girls are enjoying it.
After Berlyn woke up from her nap, we headed over to my parent's, so we could spend some more time with them before we had to go....
The girls had a great time playing in the backyard. (even though there were no kid toys out there) They amaze me sometimes, they almost have MORE fun with nothing to play with...they make up their own games, and play classics like follow the leader...
They collected leaves...
Aren't they so precious?!
We were even able to squeeze in a quick dinner with Aunt Glo - she missed her Abby!
We had a great trip, and it was SO hard to go home. Especially when I felt like I was leaving home...I still didn't feel like Arizona was home. I am starting to feel more like it now...but I know the holidays are going to be extremely hard! All of our traditions with the Schriebers and the Shiners will be missed SO MUCH! It's going to feel very lonely this first year. I am just grateful my parents are here now, that makes it a little better. Can't wait for a visit from my Michigan family!!